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The architecture lays the solid groundwork for every software. Together with you, we first find your requirements and use cases and then merge them into the multiple layers of an architecture design.


We create high-quality, highly scalable, secure backends in Node.js / TypeScript with a clear direction towards AWS. The development process then focuses on maximum business value without neglecting quality.


Your infrastructure needs as much attention to detail and stability as your software. We design, migrate, implement and maintain your IT infrastructure based on proven best practices and industry standards.

Process Coaching

Driving the creation of business value through processes like Scrum and Kanban improves the quality of your software. We help you to design, setup, and live such vital processes.

Tech Stack

Amazon Web Services




Troubleshooting in production, purpose-built for microservices.

In one click, Lumigo delivers end-to-end distributed tracing alongside http payload data so developers can troubleshoot in minutes, without logs. 

Certifications of Employees